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You can twist and turn as you like, but we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, and therefore in bed. No wonder then that many doctors, nurses and sleep counselors suggest that people buy sensible and healthy mattresses.

The perfect mattresses adapt to the sleeping person and not vice versa. In addition, it goes without saying that the ideal mattress is free of pollutants. The in-house cold foam mattresses not only prove their worth by providing optimal point and support elasticity; they are also free of harmful substances for a restful and healthy sleep.

And with orthopedic 7-zone mattresses, nothing can go wrong, because these cold foam mattresses adapt to the physical conditions of the owner. In this context, a wide variety of mattresses types are available.

Mattress purchase with brains

With so many different mattress models, the decision can be difficult. All those who compare all the models in question before purchasing the new mattresses are well advised. Are there special sleeping preferences or special health features? Especially when there are back problems, the choice of the right mattress can provide relief. In addition to the different models, there are other quality criteria that should be considered when buying the mattress. These include the density, the core height, the compression hardness and of course the mattress cover. Carefully compare each item to find the mattress that best suits you and your needs. According to ratings that thebest-mattress provides this is important.

Children spend a lot of time on mattresses

As is known, especially young children spend up to half a day in their sleep. Especially with the little ones, it is therefore particularly important to pay attention to the appropriate mattresses. Not only is the sleep duration longer than that of the adults, the child's proportions also need different support from the mattress. For this reason, children's cold foam mattresses are also part of our product range, both as children's and baby's cold foam mattresses. For the perfect sleep of the little ones!

The different mattress types

If you are looking for a mattress these days, you are spoiled for choice between a lot of different types of mattresses. All have their own advantages and disadvantages. We specialize in the distribution of high-quality foam mattresses and spring mattresses, so we would like to give you the most important information about these types of mattresses here - so you know which mattress is best for you. We are happy to advise you - but it does not cost anything.

Mattresses made of cold foam

Cold foam mattresses are made of foamed polyurethane with an open-pored structure. Good cold foam mattresses are about 10 years durable and offer a very pleasant sleeping comfort. Because they are breathable, have excellent point elasticity and support the body optimally. In addition, they adjust very quickly to new reclining positions, so they are also suitable for people with a lively sleep.

Further information on cold foam mattresses

Viscous foam mattresses

Viscoschaum is made of a special polymer, which makes the mattresses extremely adaptable to body contours and guarantees optimum point elasticity. The visco-elastic foam covers the sleeping person, ensuring even support throughout the entire body so that it is excellently relieved. This is why Visco mattresses are particularly suitable for people with back problems - all parts of the body are evenly relieved, the spine is held in a straight position and the sinking into the mattress provides a pleasant warmth.

More information about visco mattresses

Mattresses made of a combination of visco and cold foam

Visco mattresses fit better to the body than any other material. However, it supports movements during sleep only limited and in the absence of ventilation channels can cause an unpleasant heat accumulation. Cold foam mattresses on the other hand are very breathable and breathable and they also support changing sleeping positions.

For this reason, visco-foam and cold foam complement each other ideally and combine to provide good mobility, high breathability and ideal pressure relief. The layer of visco foam lies on top, as it adapts to the body contours. The underlying, flexible cold foam ensures - mostly supplemented by ventilating Calipore filter foam - for moisture transport and thus for a perfect sleeping climate without heat accumulation.

The higher the viscous layer is and the smaller the cold foam layer, the better the mattress adapts and the pressure relieves it - for sleeping as on clouds. Conversely, the smaller the visco layer and the higher the cold foam, the faster the mattress adapts and the more motion-friendly it is.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are often made of natural latex and synthetic latex. The natural latex comes from the rubber tree. Through various processing steps creates foam that supports the body very well during sleep and quickly adapts to changes in sleeping position. As with cold foam, the latex mattresses have no disturbing noise during movement.

More information about latex mattresses

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are among the long-standing mattress models. They have a large number of metal springs in their interior, which are surrounded by a cushion. This pad (usually made of foam) prevents the springs attack the cover and increases the comfort. The higher the number of springs, the better the

Mattress properties

In general, the spring mattresses have a special summer and a winter side, which are adapted to the different climatic conditions. These mattresses adapt to a changed reclining position quickly and are extremely breathable, as there are many open spaces in their interior - mold is therefore no problem with these mattresses. Because of their freedom, they are also very cheap.

Pocket spring mattresses

In the pocket spring mattresses, the individual springs are wrapped inside the mattress of a bag. Since this structure is more complex than that of the other spring mattresses, these mattresses are also a bit more expensive. However, the connection of the pockets with each other causes an ideal point elasticity of the mattress, since only give in the springs that are actually charged. Also with these mattresses the breathability is very good.

Bonell-spring mattresses

A Bonell spring mattress consists of springs that have a smaller diameter in the middle than at the ends - this is called a "waisted shape". They are very durable and have the above general benefits of a spring mattress.

Mattresses with 5 or 7 zones

Often you can find mattresses with 5 or 7 zones - of course also with us. These zones are specially adapted to the needs of the corresponding body zones. That is, there is, for example, a zone for the head and neck area, one for the shoulder area, one for the pelvis and so on. The zones allow the shoulder and pelvis to sink deeper than other body parts, leaving the spine in a straight posture. Such mattresses are suitable as orthopedic mattresses, as they allow optimal regeneration of the discs and support the body better than other mattresses. So often back pain can be alleviated or even eliminated.

There are zone mattresses made of cold foam, visco foam, latex foam as well as spring mattresses.